translated from Spanish: ICOVID report: five regions of the country recorded an increase in cases

Five regions of the country showed the greatest increases in new cases of Covid-19 according to the report delivered by the ICOVID Chile team, an initiative led by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and the University of Concepción.The data correspond to information obtained until Saturday, November 21. And among the regions that experienced the hikes are Magellan with 43%, Los Ríos with 29%, O’Higgins 28%, La Araucanía 20% and the Metropolitan 20%. Faced with these figures, the academic of the School of Public Health of the University of Chile, Mauricio Canals, raised his concern for interregional travel and a possible increase during the summer season. «In the north-central area the situation is calmer, but tense at the arrival of the summer season, in which internal journeys with danger of transmission from high prevalence areas to the currently quieter areas increase.» In addition, he commented that «we still have problems with traceability, but with room to improve with a responsible attitude of the population and an improvement in management. We must not relax our behaviors or decrease the perception of the risk that COVID-19 means.» On care measures, José Zubizarreta, statistics expert and academic at Harvard University, «we see an increase in the number of new cases in the south, particularly in the regions of La Araucanía, Los Ríos and Magallanes. In the Metropolitan region we also see an increase, although the total level of cases (per 100 thousand inhabitants) is lower. At this point, you’re very tired, but the virus doesn’t get tired and spreads more easily in enclosed spaces or when you don’t wear masks.»

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