translated from Spanish: Learn at Home II 1st Primary November 26th

Classes for basic education students in Mexico remain at a distance through the «Learn at Home II» program of the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP). Subsequently, we provide you with all the activities and questions for first grade this Thursday, November 26, 2020 with the help of the «Learn at Home II» program. 
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Language: Animals and us
Today you will learn to identify and underline the words that are repeated in a full text.

Activities «Learn at Home II»
Watch the following videos: Tzotziles by San Juan Chamula. Presentation

Tzotziles of San Juan Chamula. My Good and Varied Milpita 

Arts: Clothing under construction
Today you will design a simple vesturary for your presentation in front of the public. Activities «Learn at Home II»
Watch the following video:Cumbia of the lagoon monster

What did your monster look like?
What elements of the house could you use?
Would you create another instrument?

Knowledge of the environment: What does it cover animals?
Today you will learn to recognize that what covers the body of animals can be a classification criterion. Activities «Learn at Home II»
Watch the following videos:CONABIO Aves

D All – San Juan de Aragón Zoo

D All – Reptiles 

Mathematics: Stamp album
Today you will learn how to estimate, compare and sort sizes. Activities «Learn at Home II»
Check out the activity on page 60 of the Math textbook and have your tripped tumaterial number 10 on page 213 handy.

Picture: SEP

Picture: SEP

Good job!
Thank you for your effort
Learn at House II

Original source in Spanish

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