translated from Spanish: Marley remembered when Maradona asked him to meet Mirko

From little Mirko’s Instagram profile, the driver uploaded a series of unreleased photos of his young son from when he was still a baby in Diego Maradona’s arms and revealed how they met. As detailed by the presenter, his encounter with the «Ten» was during one of his trips to Dubai as part of his program «For the World». At that time, Maradona was settled in that country with Rocío Oliva, his partner at the time. The driver revealed that at the time his phone rings and it was Rocío who on behalf of Diego invited him to the house. «Diego never received anyone who passed through Dubai, no case,» Marley said at the beginning of his story. He continued: «My phone rings and it was Rocío and he says ‘Diego invites you to his house, come now if you want but on one condition, he wants to meet Mirko. If Mirko comes, they’re invited!'»
Excited, he added: «There we went and it was a unique moment! I wish Mirko when he grows up to appreciate that he was with a legend and that he was very sweet to him!» As a closing and to honor him, he wrote, «Thank you Diego for that moment! QEPD». Also on his official account Marley dedicated a few words to the football star and put: «Every time I met Diego were wonderful moments! With me he was always kind, funny and very generous!» began the post. 
 He added: «I had the joy of being at his house next to Mirko at a time when he was fine!» And he ended with «I keep that image of the funny Diego and the Diego glory and legend of football!» Thanks for everything! QEPD». 

Original source in Spanish

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