translated from Spanish: Nicolás Maduro wrote a letter to Maradona: «We have received a devastating blow»

If there’s one thing Diego Armando Maradona never hid, it was his pride in being a fervent defender of the left and popular movements. In fact, one of the curiosities revealed about his death was that, on the same day, but four years earlier, Fidel Castro, a Cuban leader who was so fond of Diego.Today, Nicolás Maduro, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, wrote a letter to Diego Maradona that was shared by the president of the Alberto Fernández Nation.
«With the deepest sorrow I write these lines: we have received a devastating blow in our feelings. A friend, a brother: a Giant on and off the court, has physically disappeared,» Maduro’s mission began. «The People of Venezuela are at heart with you, your daughters and sons, and with Brother Argentine People.» After highlighting his way of playing football, the Venezuelan representative recalled Diego’s willingness to see the Great Fatherland together: «I want to evoke Diego who became one of the great NDOCA undertakers back in Mar del Plata in November 2005: there he was with our Eternal Commander, demonstrating his status as champion of dignity.»
After listing each of the different versions that make up the figure of Diego Maradona, Maduro refers to Ernesto «Che» Guevara to close the letter: «Receive an infinite embrace of the People of Bolivar and Chávez who carries Diego in his heart. Until victory all the time, Diego. We will win.»

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