translated from Spanish: Peronist and left-wing: Maradona’s relationship with politics

Unlike many football cracks around the world, Diego Maradona distinguished him – among so many things – his indispensable commitment to his own: those who have the least. His last public demonstration on the subject was no more or less than Peronist Loyalty Day: on October 17 Diego asked to support the government of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner and reconfirmed «I was, am and will always be Peronist».
During Mauricio Macri’s period at Casa Rosada Maradona she maintained rhetoric contrary to the government of Cambiamos and even defended Cristina Kirchner when she was stalked by court cases.» I want to tell Macri to do whatever he does to me, I’m going to be a Christian until the eggs,» he said in September 2018. The last round with the former president, who fired him on Twitter today, was just over a month ago, after Macri said in a television interview that he kicked him out of Boca. 
«To you Mauritius, I tell you, that you did not throw me out of nowhere. I was the one who quit football, to protect the health of my old men. That was my decision, and I didn’t hurt anyone. But no more smoke bombs than you throw away, you know your decisions shit the lives of two generations of Argentinians. Take care of it, dear. Your father said so,» he speculated days after the interview from his social media. 

Poucas vezes I saw a futebol stop jogar and stop. Maradona continued to. Ele continuava jogando em pensamento, em suas opinis políticas, em suas critics. I continue to poor povo hair not inteiro world. Video: Ricardo Stuckert — Lula (@LulaOficial)
November 25, 2020

Outside our land the star expressed close support to the popular governments that were at the helm of Latin America in the 2000s: Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro, Rafael Correa, Fidel Castro, Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff. All of them remembered on this day – where there are also four years of Castro’s physical disappearance – the left-hander.

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