translated from Spanish: Senator Girardi criticizes the government’s «political travestism» and its withdrawal project: it takes advantage of «the suffering of the people»

Senator Guido Girardi accused the Executive of «taking advantage of people’s suffering» during his speech in the debate over the 10% government pension fund withdrawal project.
On the Government’s draft, he said it was «a pathetic government action that dresses in other people’s clothing to prevent others from having an election gain, obtaining them, and ‘receiving flowers’ that is not theirs. That’s taking advantage of the suffering of Chileans and Chileans.»
«They presented a bad project that was a fraud because it was full of letter girls and flaps that transformed it into a self-consumption and excessive deadlines for the drama being lived. It was the United Committees of Finance and Senate Labor that fixed the initiative,» he added.
He added that «they presented it to dispute the authorship of Members, after realizing that constitutional reform would be passed anyway. That’s why they pressured five senators who were incoherent and did not respect the commitment made. Of course, they had to accept all the changes introduced by the united commissions.»
Girardi recalled that «if we discuss 10% withdrawals, it’s because this government hasn’t been able to solve the pandemic in a few months (Korea, Wuhan) we’ve been nine, and chances are we’ll get through the year. Chile may end up as one of the countries with the highest number of contagions and deaths per million inhabitants.»
«Chile is in the ICU and, in this emergency situation, you cannot mix the resources to save your life, you have to spend everything you need to close the first wave and prevent the second wave. And that’s achieved with consistent social assistance that hasn’t existed,» he said.
And finally, he said that despite not «supporting political cross-dressing,» in the face of people’s need «and in solidarity with my bench who are mostly voting for it, I will change my vote of rejection and approve the initiative.»

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