translated from Spanish: Claudio Paul Caniggia to Maradona: “I am devastated; He was my brother of the soul”

The minutes when the first versions of Diego Armando Maradona’s last moments began to circulate were ten-day and crucial. Society in vilo. However, in the face of the perplexity of millions of people it was confirmed: he died at 60.” I am devastated,” were the first words of Claudio Paul Caniggia, ten’s partner during his years at the Argentina national team and Boca. A bond that hotched cameras and witnessed even a kiss, which sealed that complicity.

Message from Claudio Paul Caniggia to fire Maradona

“He was my brother of the soul. I hope you know how to understand, I have no words right now. I just want to tell your family that I accompany you in this pain,” he symified with sons, daughters, sisters and brothers, grandchildren and loves. Significantly, The Bird’s previous message posted on his Twitter account was a retuit of a greeting he sent to Maradona’s recent 60th birthday less than a month ago, on October 30. “Diego Armando. What else can I say? He’s the God of football. I love you, my friend,” I had mentioned at that time.
The former footballer, technical director of Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata, the child of Villa Fiorito, the father who was missing in many houses, the idol and popular god and the healthy son of a patriarchal system died on Wednesday, November 25, paradoxically date that also commemorates the International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women, after suffering cardiorespiratory arrest in the Villanueva neighborhood house , in the Nordelta area of Tigre, where it had recently been installed after being operated on in the Clínia Olivos by a subdural hematoma. Ambulances immediately arrived at the site but could not resuscitate him. Today he will remain not only in the collective memory, but in the hearts of a people, his imprint before a classist and meritocratic system without forgetting those and those who suffered with and for him.
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