translated from Spanish: Filo, science Coronavirus: A mutation could be your own conviction

A mutation is a change in genetic material that can result from errors in an organism’s replication mechanism, in this case a virus. Sars cov 2 virus being an RNA virus genetic information is stored in a chain of 4 nucleotides (A, U, C, G). His only goal in his life, if he has it, is to double over and over again, thus infecting millions of people. And for that, yes or yes, he needs us.

In these months we’ve been on planet Earth together, we learned that SARS-CoV-2, compared to HIV, changes much more slowly as it spreads. But a mutation in the gene that encodes the spike protein, that key that allows it to enter our cells, could change everything; as it could help the virus particles penetrate cells more easily. Scientists have shown that the virus that causes Covid-19 has mutated into the 614 amino acid position of the spike protein, the key changed and now it is much easier for it to enter and spread rapidly around the world. >

Now that we’re a little calmer, the next question is, are the vaccines that are in the testing phase still working? As the mutation occurred on the protein it uses to bind and invade cells, the change could be its ruin. Since the researchers argue that this modification exposes the virus more which could mean that it is easier to recognize by antibodies generated by vaccines, increasing the effectiveness of vaccines.

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