translated from Spanish: «Get away from Pedro Ruminot»: the advice Alison Mandel received when he entered the «Comedy Club»

Alison Mendel recounted in the instagram space «Members», an episode she experienced when she entered the Comedy Club.» Two well-known people, super wary, told me ‘are you going to get into the Comedy Club? Shall I give you some advice? Stay away from Pedro Ruminot. Get away, that weon is bad, it’s war, it’s going to drag you.’ And I ‘ah, already, and who is Pedro Ruminot?’ and I started to google. ‘Uh, equals’. ‘But stay away, don’t you dare mingle with him because he’s bad,'» he said. The words about her current husband surprised her at first. Today, however, he is humorous. «It makes me very laughable, because then I set out to polote with the Peter.» After this, he said that «those people started disappearing from me, but another tip started, ‘get out of there, that wea has no future, it has children, how are you going to mess with a weon with children?’ And I was like, ‘yes, equally complex, it may be, I don’t know.’ Me there paving for life.» However, with his even more advanced relationship he cleared up his doubts about the rumors. «I said’hey, I was afraid of you anyway.’ I said ‘when I was going to go into the Comedy Club those people who are known and wary told me not to mess with you.’ And the Peter told me the past story, why they told me that.»

Original source in Spanish

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