translated from Spanish: INE suspends face-to-face session for Noroña refusal to use water cover

InE councillors and party representatives left only Deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña in the Plenary Hall of the electoral management body, after he refused to use cover-ups.
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The legislator came as a representative of the Legislative Power Labour Party to an ordinary session of the Council of the Institute, and his intervention would be to protest the sanction imposed on him by the General Council for insulting Ms. Adriana Dávila of the PAN.
However, his participation was discontinued because he refused to place the water cover, something that is established in protocols of the National Electoral Institute.
In response, Noroña accused him that they want him “gagged” and explained that while he speaks he drinks a lot of water, something he could not do with the water cover on.
“I know they want me gagged, I’ll talk without gag, because I also drink a lot of water, I consume a lot of energy when I intervene and I can’t drink water with the mouth cover on,” he said.
The President of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, reminded him that by protocol the cover should be placed while speaking, although he could remove it to drink water, but its use is mandatory within the institute’s facilities.

The representatives of the PARTIES and advisors of the INE leave the arraignment because Noroña did not want to put on the cover because Gatell says it gives a false sense of security and because it cannot take
— Lalo Garrido (@Lalogale) November 26, 2020

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“We have a distance more than enough, a ventilated area, if you want to censor me in your speech I understand perfectly, but I ask you to respect, that I do not speak gagged. I don’t do it in the house grandstand and no legislator is required,” Noroña said.
He also argued that, according to Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell, the water cover only provides a false sense of security and does not prevent Covid-19 contagions.
Due to Noroña’s refusal, the INE stated a recess for those who wished to connect virtually to move forward virtually with the session.
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