translated from Spanish: Looking for an appointment at SAT but no appointment? Here the reasons for service failures

During today’s morning conference, Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez, Head of Tax Administration Service, explained the reasons behind recent failures in the appointments agenda service at the SAT. This, after being asked about the saturation of online applications and the black market for appointments.
Buenrostro stated that the most saturation point was two months ago and that this was due to the intervention of «robots» from accounting firms, who were in charge of scheduling appointments and then selling them.
He did not deny that some SAT officials were colluded with the action, but assured that they were able to identify which offices caused the problem and how they were causing it.
Thus, the system was modified and security mechanisms were put in place to stop irregular dating traffic. Some of the measures were denial of attention if the user did not present their RFC, mailbox, and email; the civil service company said they detected that fake emails were being used on many occasions.
Another factor that influenced the problem was the termination of contract with the Call Center that was responsible for managing telephone requests. Buenrostro Sánchez stated that the relationship with the center was ended because it was «very abusive» and handled very high rates.
In deciding not to renew a contract, the SAT suspected that the company was blocking the phone numbers. They identified some switches that were saturating calls, so they are in the process of disabling them.
When can I request an appointment?
The Head of the Tax Administration Service said there are already many appointments scheduled, but for those who don’t have one, she noted the use of switches, email and «other electronic means.» 
He also mentioned that irregularities in state citations are being reviewed from headquarters. If taxpayers report application failures, the SAT is responsible for correcting and scheduling appointments.
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