translated from Spanish: Mario Delgado meets with aspiring Warrior gubernatura

Mexico City.- The national leader of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), Mario Delgado met with the aspiring party adherents and outside the governorate of the state of Guerrero.From the national headquarters of the party in Mexico City, Mario Delgado held the meeting with the wannabes to rule Guerrero who, according to the attendees at the meeting, must evaluate the possibility of holding a candidacy.
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Applicants will have to reach consensus to determine nominations in Guerrero state, which could lead to an internal consultation in the party to profile the contenders.

Among the attendees of the meeting were, Pablo Amílcar Sandoval, Antonio Helguera, Luis Walton, Carlos Payán, Adela Román, Marcial Rodríguez, Beatríz Mojica, Arturo Martínez, Alberto López Rosas, Rubén Cayetano and Nestora Salgado.Morena prepares coalition
The elections to be held during 2021 will be one of the most rigorous elections in the history of the country’s democratic, where Gubernaturas, Head of Government of Mexico City, Local Congresses, Town Halls, Municipal Boards and Mayors will be chosen.Morena, led by Mario Delgado, has already announced that he will make a national coalition with the New Alliance party to be participants of the 2021 election.Mario Delgado recognized that the New Alliance Party has a great national weight with 17 states that keep the record at the local level and stated that they will work coordinated with teachers through the organization Fuerza Turquesa.For her part, Teacher Sonia Rincón emphasized that former magisterial leader Elba Esther Gordillo «has nothing to do» in the celebration of this political alliance. Elba Esther founded the New Alliance party in 2005.

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