translated from Spanish: They detect ups in fruit prices of between 77% and 187% in the last year

Wholesale prices for the six main fruits marketed in the Buenos Aires Central Market recorded year-on-year hikes of between 77% and 187% during October. Lemons were the highest-growing product, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries reported today.

For its part, the value of citrus jumped from $16.7 a kilo in October 2019 to $48 last month, noted the Fruit and Vegetable Bulletin published by the agricultural portfolio. Other sharp increases were detected in mandarin, which increased 156% (from $16.5 to $42.2 a kilo in the last year); and orange, with 144% ($13 to $31.6). Pear recorded a 110% increase in Central Market wholesale operations, up to $57 per kilo in October, up from $27.1 twelve months ago. The apple was then sold last month at $74.5 a kilo (against $42 in October last year), representing a 77% raise.

The only case of a fruit with a year-on-year increase below the consumer price index (31%) it was the banana. As traded in the hub market, the product was marketed in October at $55 a kilo, when in the same month of 2019 it did so at $42.
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