translated from Spanish: Threats to Chong: Prosecutor’s Office considers appealing precautionary measures of the seven defendants left with monthly signature

This day the chief prosecutor of the Santiago Centro area, Francisco Jacir, said that he will consider appealing to the decision made by the 7th Guarantee Court to dismiss the pre-trial detention of seven of the eight charged by threats to prosecutor Ximena Chong.It should be mentioned that the other seven charged in the case were left with monthly signature and prohibition of approaching the victim and his family. Jacir noted that «the court’s ruling leaves us in a significant part satisfied, since despite the questions made by the defence, they were not welcomed.» The public prosecutor’s position on the claim to the facts and the participation of the accused was welcomed, rejecting in this regard all their claims and leaving as established the crime for which the investigation was formalized,» he added. In this context, the persecutor noted that «the words of the judge, as to indicate that it coincided with the very high gravity of the crime that has been charged and also to establish the previous meeting that preceded the delivery of the letter to prosecutor Chong».» In that sense we do not share the precautionary measure that she imposed, for that reason it is that the most serious one had been requested in respect of seven of the defendants, in the other it was granted, and we will examine the appeal and the report for the purpose of deciding whether to appeal to the Court of Appeals in that regard,» she added.

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