translated from Spanish: Uruapan campaigns to promote respect, tolerance and inclusion to LGBTTTI community

Uruapan, Michoacán.- With a pint of pedestrian crossings in the city of Uruapan, the president of the Committee on Youth and Sexual Diversity of the Chamber of Deputies, Celeste Ascencio Ortega and the federal deputy, Ignacio Campos Equihua started a permanent campaign to promote respect, tolerance and inclusion, towards those who make up the LGBTTTI community.
Ignacio Campos noted that with actions like this, it seeks to give visibility to a group that forms an important part of society, which deserve all respect for their human rights. «We must have greater civility and learn to be more tolerant and include in difference; regardless of our way of thinking or preference for each other, we are all part of the same community.»

Campos Equihua indicated that, as part of its team, there are members of the LGBTTTI community, who carry out various actions of community collaboration; such as hospital support, where they bring food to people who fight the pandemic head-on. «We want to do these activities more broadly, as they all have a lot to contribute to others.»
For her part, the federal legislator, Celeste Ascencio, stressed that human beings are being killed in Mexico simply because they are different; so a number of initiatives are being promoted in the Chamber of Deputies to effectively combat hate crimes and to eradicate discrimination based on gender identity. «We want to make it visible that this whole difference exists and that we must be includers.»
Likewise, Ascencio Ortega said that he will continue to work with the deputy Ignacio Campos, in carrying out actions that help promote the culture of tolerance; as well as various activities that include artistic manifestations and community work, where members of the LGBTTTI community actively intervene for the benefit of the collective, without being rejected for having a different preference.
In the face of pedestrian crossings with the colors of the LGBTTTI flag that were made on the corner of Avenida Latinoamericana with Paseo Lázaro Cárdenas, members of the work teams of both legislators attended; as well as members of the collectives «Ola Divergente» and «Uruapan Diverso», who will work closely with legislators, in promoting the culture of respect and inclusion in diversity.

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