translated from Spanish: Mother of fishing leader arrives at AMLO to ask for help, he just looks at her

Sunshine Antonio Rodríguez Peña’s mother, a fishing leader arrested on November 11, for alleged totoaba traffic, approached the vehicle in which President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was traveling during his visit to Bajaba California, to ask for help in his son’s case, but failed to get the car window to stop or come down.
Ms. Maria Carolina pursued the president’s convoy as she exited an event, among the tumult of people managed to reach the president’s window and get her attention.
«Please help my son, he’s unjustly detained, it’s Sunshine Antonio Rodriguez Peña, they hurt him and they lied to you, he hasn’t done bad things!» he yelled at the representative.
Sunshine’s mother screamed and touched the glass, to communicate with the president, but the president only stared at her without lowering the window; fatigued to follow the vehicle running, she stopped and saw the representative walk away, according to information from El Imparcial.
Bangladesh Antonio Rodríguez Peña, Sunshine’s brother, told the media that the arrest was an injustice, in which they violated their human rights and those of their family, with the authorities coming to a minor.
«I wasn’t Chapo’s mom,» some people who attended the protest commented, seeing that the president’s vehicle didn’t stop.
Relatives of missing persons in Veracruz have also called on AMLO to «only care for Chapo’s mother.»
Sunshine Antonio was linked to organized crime, in connection with environmental crimes; he will remain in pre-trial detention for the duration of the process, for which a period of two months was defined for the supplementary investigation.
By 2017 he had already been arrested on charges of drug trafficking, for which he was released and exonerated.
In addition to him, three other fishermen from the port of San Felipe, in Mexicali, Baja California, were arrested for the alleged crime of prohibited fishing in a protected area, which is punishable by up to 9 years in prison.
With information from El Imparcial 
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Original source in Spanish

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