translated from Spanish: Rate setting 1F was approved at the Sinaloa congress

Sinaloa.- After more than a year of waiting and several challenges before the Judiciary, promoted by the Sinaloense Party, the Congress of the State of Sinaloa carried out the dictation of the initiative that proposes to establish a 1F electricity collection rate in the state. The Constitutional Points of Congressional Points of Government committee met to attend to the legislative procedure of the proposal, which will be handed over to the Chamber of Deputies so that the law can be reformed by federal deputies.
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The initiatives taken into account for the dictation were those presented by PAS Member Jesús Angélica Díaz Quiñónez, by the parliamentary group of Morena and by the parliamentary group of the PRI.

The reforms are given in the Electricity Industry Act, in Article 139, to establish as an obligation of the federal government to determine, by agreement, a different tariff setting mechanism than those of the Energy Regulatory Commission.
3 initiatives were led to be taken to the Chamber of Deputies

The new mechanism should take into account the temperature of the regions and the resource contributions of the federative entities by the generation of electricity.
139 Article reforming the Electricity Industry Act to establish new collections

As well as providing for the obligation of the Legislative Power to include in the budget of graduates the budget item that allows these variables to be addressed. In addition to establishing that these specific tariffs will apply without prejudice to other consumer subsidies. Such reform is aimed at lowering electricity costs for the Sinaloan population, especially vulnerable sectors. This issue had been promoted by the Sinaloan Party and taken to electoral courts on the grounds that Congress had not met the deadline for dictating the initiative, which is six months. The Teesin had commanded the State Congress to attend the relevant initiative. Tender
For the first time, Congress makes a public tenderFor the construction of the Technical Unit of Control and General Assembly, the State Congress made its first public tender. Juan Antonio Río Rojo, General Secretary of Congress, explained that for the first time the Legislative Power complys with the provisions of the Law on Public Works, which requires the observance of social witnesses in the execution of the works. The members of the Works Committee held a first meeting to discuss the proposals of the construction companies and to have a ruling by 18 December.

Original source in Spanish

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