translated from Spanish: The day Margot Robbie gave VOGUE one of its best covers

Beautiful Australian actress and model Margot Elise Robbie, better known as Margot Robbie, recently posed for popular Vogue magazine in her edition of Australia, where she is originally from. The striking beauty of the actress as young as 30 years old is not new, so she did not disappoint her admirers with the photographs taken for the successful magazine, where she highlights, in addition to a delicate figure, delineated eyes that give her a deeper look. 
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It should be noted that its beauty is not the only attribute of Margot Robbie, because it is well known to all those who have had the honor of working alongside him, who is besides a beautiful face, a very nice person, so she has become one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, dear and followed on social networks, because she always remains on trend.
The cover publication came to light in August last year, and is considered to this day, one of the most successful editions in Vogue’s history, having huge sales and excellent reviews. In the images provided by the magazine, the young model, Margot Robbie, wears an elegantly discovered outfit, which shows her delicate back, while opting for natural, unarmed hair, with light waves and makeup that completely emphasizes her eyes. In the second photograph the beautiful actress poses in front of the camera using a large denim jacket and the same ripped-out waves in her hair, which caused a stir among her millions of admirers, receiving nearly a million and a half likes and thousands of flattering comments from her Instagram followers. Currently, Margot Robbie has 22.3 million followers on his Instagram account, with 197 posts made as of March 21, 2014, when he shared his first image with the phrase «I Got Instagram»»I have Instagram». This photograph has 312,169 thousand likes. Although the famous actress does not constantly share photographs or videos on her personal Instagram account, her followers and admirers remain on the back of her content or other photographs leaked in other digital media to keep her flattering.

Image shared by Margot Robbie on Instagram Photo: Screenshot

Original source in Spanish

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