translated from Spanish: The funeral homeman who photographed Maradona’s body was handed over; Hello responsible consumption; Interview with Magnus Mefisto; FMS day four and much more…

1. Diego Molina, the man who photographed Maradona’s body, was handed over

In addition, on Friday night a second photo of the body was known, so death threats were heavily replicated. I kept reading here… 2. Chau Black Friday and impulsive shopping, hello responsible consumption

Consuming responsiblely doesn’t mean you don’t buy anything. In this note we leave you tips that gave us experts to be able to change our consumption habits. I kept reading here… 3. Fifth date of the Professional League Cup: Schedule, TV and matches

The fifth date of the Diego Armando Maradona Cup will begin to be played today. I kept reading here… 4. Magnus Mephystus: from rap and humor to terror with some other scale

Magnus Mefisto is one of the first youtubers in Argentina. In this note, we review his entire career: from his parody of Influenza A to the million subscribers, to his participation in Much Music and the turn of his channel towards urban explorations, terror and mystery. I kept reading here… 5. A former federal judge convicted of coima to a drug trafficker was found dead

Former salty federal judge José Antonio Solá Torino, sentenced to six years in prison in 2016 for collecting a coima to benefit a drug dealer, was found this morning shot dead in his home. The possibility of suicide is also investigated. I kept reading here… 6. FMS day four: Schedule, TV and battles

The most attractive freestyle championship in the world is again playing its monthly date on a key day for international qualifying. I kept reading here… 7. Tabaré Vazquez suffered a relapse and his health is delicate

Uruguay’s former representative has been fighting cancer since last year and despite chemotherapy and radiosurgery, the disease is not completely eliminated. I kept reading here… 8. Carlos Sorín: «In a country where we all lost, the figure of Diego acquires a very great symbolic value»

The filmmaker and director of the film «El Camino de San Diego», a story that explores Maradona’s image from the heart of his followers, reflects on the image of ten. In a week when millions of people throw him off and also question him, what does that popular sanctification attributed to him mean? I kept reading here… 9. Vasectomy: How much of what do we know, or think we know, is actually a myth?

Integral Sex Education for all: Sun Despeinada clears all doubts about this intervention. I kept reading here… 10. Journalist Juan Carlos Pérez Loizeau died

The TV driver died at the age of 91 and the news was confirmed by his former partner Silvia Fernández Barrios. I kept reading here…

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