translated from Spanish: With a negative PCR, quarantine will not be required when returning to the country

The Government will announce in the coming days that it will enable Argentines and residents to enter the country by submitting a negative PCR examination, along with an electronic affidavit, leaving the condition of complying with 14 days of quarantine.

Following the publication of the presidential decree that established new entry regulations under the Covid-19 pandemic, the Health and Home Office portfolios will soon implement this resolution, which will unify the requirements for the entry of foreigners and Argentinians and residents on the two avenues enabled for this purpose: Ezeiza International Airport and the Buquebú maritime terminal, in the City of Buenos Aires.Foreign persons entering the national territory must present in addition to the negative PCR and the affidavit, which must be unfailingly completed within 48 hours prior to boarding, Covid health insurance, which does not operate in the case of Argentinians and residents, reported by the Government in a statement.
In turn, Argentine citizens and residents who enter the country through the land crossings that are enabled may choose to present the negative PCR, always of a validity of up to 72 hours, or comply with the quarantine of 14 days. In the meantime, airlines and the river transport company operating in the transit of Argentinians, residents and foreigners, must demand compliance with the measures established prior to the shipment of the persons.

This Friday, Decree 945/2020 was published in the Official Gazette, which states that Argentina’s health and migration authorities will decide whether or not people entering the country from abroad have to comply with 14 days of mandatory isolation. It states that it will be the authorities that will make the decision on the basis of where they return and whether they are countries with areas affected by the coronavirus.

The published resolution amends an earlier provision (Decree No. 260/20, Article 7), which extended the health emergency by one year.

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