translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: 151 new deaths and 5,432 confirmed cases in 24 hours

The Ministry of Health reported that 5,432 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed today. With these records, they add up to 1,418,807 positives in the country, of which 1,249,843 are recovered patients and 130,491 are active confirmed cases.
In turn, they confirmed that in the last 24 hours, 151 new deaths were reported, of which 76 are men and 75 women. At the moment the number of people who die is 38.473.De the 76 men, 34 are residents of the province of Buenos Aires, 2 of the City of Buenos Aires (CABA), 1 of the province of Chaco, 1 of Chubut, 12 of Córdoba, 1 of Mendoza, 3 of Neuquén, 2 of San Luis, 4 of Santa Cruz, 11 of Santa Fe and 5 of Tucumán.De the 75 women , 36 are residents of the province of Buenos Aires, 4 of the City of Buenos Aires, 3 of Chaco, 2 of Chubut, 9 of Córdoba, 1 from Entre Ríos, 2 from Neuquén, 2 from Río Negro, 1 from Salta, 2 from St. Louis, 7 from Santa Fe, 6 from Tucumán.They also reported that in the last 24 hours 17,338 tests were carried out and since the beginning of the outbreak 3,873,231 diagnostic tests of coronavirus were carried out , equivalent to 85,357 samples per million inhabitants. On the monitoring of internees and ICU beds (Intensive Therapy Unit) there are 4,013 confirmed cases of COVID-19 interned in ICU. The total occupancy of ICU beds in adults is 56.2% in Nation and 59.8% in AMBA.

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