translated from Spanish: Deputy Mix officiated the director of Servel for problems that prevented various people from voting in the primaries

Ms. Claudia Mix (Common) today officiated the Director Electoral Service, Patricio Santamaría, after many Chileans were prevented from voting in the primary that took place today, because different polling stations in various polling stations did not constitute the established hours, and the parliamentarian he or she itself was one of the persons prevented from exercising her right to vote , since the table on which he was responsible for voting at the Germán Riesco School in Maipú was not constituted. In the office, the Member requested from Servel a report on the number of tables set up and those which could not be constituted in the primary, in addition to the detail of the polling stations, disaggregated by commune and region, in which this situation took place. It also called for all respective investigations to determine the number of people who were unable to vote as a product of these situations and the steps to be taken in the future to prevent this from happening again.” We have received many complaints from people who were prevented from doing so. I myself was unable to vote, as the table I was responsible for was not constituted,” Said Ms Mix. “It seems to us that there is a responsibility of the local delegates. The law states that it is they who must set up the missing tables at 10 a.m. at the latest, and may even ultimately appoint people inside that venue and supported by the public force if they do not voluntarily agree,” he added.” It is unpresentable that many Chileans and Chileans have not been able to exercise our right to suffrage. What happened today undermines the constitutional right of the voters who attend to participate in this election. We were prevented from voting and were not offered any alternatives. We demand that the Servel clarify this situation as soon as possible. We believe that the delegates in each local were not sufficiently instructed about their powers to set up these tables,” she concluded. While the president of the PPD, Heraldo Muñoz, also denounced that he was unable to exercise his right to vote in these primaries, as it was not constituted the table on which he was to vote at the Escuela Libertadores de Chile, in the commune of Santiago.The former chancellor detailed via Twitter that “I could not exercise my right to vote in primaries. Closed table and not fused with others running.” Similarly, the presidential pre-candidate said he “asked Servel’s manager to stamp a complaint, but there was no claims book.” Faced with this situation, Muñoz argued that what happened is “a scandal, as many people have not been able to vote in RM and regions. The Servel owes an explanation.”

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