translated from Spanish: Mora Godoy closed his dance school and finishes off his wardrobe

The pandemic affected thousands of families in Argentina: some were out of work, others had to close their trade, and government aid was not enough for everyone. Mora Godoy, the renowned dancer, announced the closing of her dance school.” I lived a lot of things here. It’s my place of rehearsal, of creation. There’s the whole locker room in my career. It’s very hard and hard. But in order to move on, I have to get rid of the place that after 20 years is going away and to top off much of the costumes that I know many dancers may need,” he said in Reported by America.

In the program conducted by Guillermo Andino, he explained: “The school for group classes closed it a few years ago because it was very difficult to sustain it in Argentina. I went to international shows. We took the works into the world. We were teaching private lessons and obviously we didn’t have any kind of answer. I believe that there are officials who work well and others who are unsy sensitive and are not listening to those who need them most.” We don’t get into the ATP, we don’t get into the IFE, we don’t get into the subsidies. Tourism had billions and billions. We are tourism because tourists are coming. There are many of us who belong to tourism and culture but we were not heard by those who correspond. I voted and absolutely supported the government. There are things that can be improved and changed but sensitivity must be appealed to. And those who have least and need. Subsidies have been distributed in tourism to people who had dollar income last year. It doesn’t correspond,” he concluded.

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