translated from Spanish: Now it turns out billy Chapman stands up as a women’s advocate

For Ripley. After she punished a female policewoman for speaking at an International Women’s Day event by demanding her rights and being sued by Ahome’s trustees Angelina Valenzuela for exercising gender-based political violence, it now turns out that Mayor Ahomense stands as the advocate for women. On Friday, she delivered two units of the so-called Gender Equity program, aimed at the Directorate-General for Public Security and Municipal Transit, which will be working on no more or less than the prevention and eradication of violence against women in the municipality of Ahome. Even the secretary of the City Council, Juan Fierro, explained that while these units will be attacking this crime, it does not mean that the other units will not be working on it. You’ve seen it! Well, they say there’s no love without interest. Don’t say they don’t defend women and the election year is coming. The beginning. A pela, as it is said, was the one that the cenecists gave antier to the morenists in the choice of the new directive of the Plant Health Board of the Carrizo Valley. Victor García beat Luis Alonso Ruiz with 55 votes against 34 of the delegates who attended the assembly that was taken on the roof of the ejidal house of Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez. Thus, the forecasts were fulfilled despite the dirty war that was waged against Garcia and his form by the followers of “El Papi” Ruiz, who in response also had their rags taken out in the sun. Apart from the dimes and diretes, typical of a process of choice, the operation and ceneclist cohesion worked. In short, the ejidal curators of the sector were vindicated. The outcome of the election was so blunt that it didn’t give Ruiz and his people a chance. Not to plead. They say the election excited prismist leadership because it’s a good sign by 2021. At least in that area. With everything. The one who was in Los Mochis, again, was Sergio Torres Félix. He says he is very confident of contending for the government in 2021 and the results in his favor. Although it does not rely on surveys that are done “by way”, it does not intend to heed the previous numbers. So much is the security of winning the government, which even boasted of his friendship with unionized and trusted state government workers, as well as with Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, who, he said, always knew his aspirations. In the face of the media he criticized the PRI and the PAN, who seek, he added, “power by power”, but that citizens do not see this alliance well. It turned color of… In relation to the much-sounding PRI-PAN alliance, today Sunday is the State Steering Committee of the National Action Party, where it is intended to give permission to its leader, Juan Carlos Estrada Vega, to sign the alliance with the tricolor. The one who is happy and surely promotes this alliance to take place is the current party president in Ahome, Ariel Aguilar. He is mentioned as a possible candidate for the mayor of Ahome in this alliance and that with votes from both parties he could win. However, we will have to see if the distribution suits the rest of the panistas so that the benefit is for all. The PRI is just beginning to give color… But time is running out. Blue, but brave. By the way, at the PAN, the two-time candidate for the mayor of Ahome, Miguel Angel Camacho Sánchez, issued a warning to the party leaders when saying that, if there was an alliance between The Citizen Movement and the white boy, he could be a candidate again; but the thing was that he renegade the party that ran him in past strife and his current leaders. He even called Ariel Aguilar “ungrateful” and took pan leader Juan Carlos Estrada with a tie, insinuating that they are doing things wrong and he helped them get where they are. We’ll have to wait if this alliance is between blues and oranges. For the time being, some followers have already commanded him to tell “My Leader” to be cautious with his statements. Ups!

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