translated from Spanish: Turk Garcia revealed Dalma’s little illusion in Maradona’s wake

Like every Saturday, last night We Can Talk, the program led by Andy Kusnetzoff and Turk Garcia, the former Racing player, attended as a guest to talk about his closeness and friendship with Diego Maradona.The MasterChef Celebrity participant revealed what it was like to be the moment of the wake at Casa Rosada with Claudia, Dalma and Giannina , and detailed the dialogue he had with Diego’s eldest daughter: “In one dama tells me ‘I can’t believe it, Turk. For me, now open the drawer and get up.’ He had us used to that. I cried it On Friday morning watching the shows he did. That’s where I became aware, but when I found out I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

Besides, the Turk was very tough on the environment that controlled the 10: “By the old guard we couldn’t be with him for the last fifteen or twenty years because he got together people who had nothing to do with him. The old guard was the one who called him ‘no Diego, not this’,” so she revealed that it was very difficult to get close to him in recent years.” Then the paratroopers were the ones who said everything to him. The people he had around didn’t let the old guard be with him. A lot of people went wrong thinking ‘Diego doesn’t give us any more ball’, and it wasn’t him. He didn’t know,” he added to his former Argentina teammate. Finally, he unveiled a little personality and how hard it was to treat him to the greatest player of all time: “Diego was a very whimsical guy, he said ‘it’s this’ and it’s this. When I left the addictions, I wanted to help him. We have to let yourself be helped,” he concluded.
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