translated from Spanish: AMLO promises base to government workers hired by outsourcing

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised that government workers who are outsourced will be basified. 
“We’re going to establish a mechanism for them to have their foundations, we’re going to lead by example as we always have,” he said on Monday at his morning conference.
Although he said he did not have the data, thousands would get a place entitled to benefits. The leader of the Federation of State Service Workers’ Unions (FSTSE), Joel Ayala, told the Reforma newspaper that there are nearly 500,000 workers working by outsourcing, especially in areas of cleanliness, surveillance and technology.
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The representative said this change will still wait a while. “We are just going to wait for the initiative to be fully reviewed and discussed, analyzed and approved in Congress, we have time.”
On November 12, the representative sent an initiative to the Union Congress to disappear this figure, which according to the Federal Government, has allowed abuses against workers.
Among these abuses are the registration of workers with social insurance are lower wages than they actually receive, thus affecting their pension, housing fund and obtaining lower settlements and compensation against redundancies.
The practice of firing or desisting workers in December and re- retracting them at the end of January or February has also been identified so as not to generate seniority and I did not acquire rights.
By 2021, there will be recovery
The representative said that by the first quarter of next year the Mexican economy will recover.
“The first three months of next year we returned to the situation we were in before the pandemic, that’s my forecast that we’re going to be able to recover and we’re going to start having more economic growth now,” he said on Monday.
Last week the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) predicted a 9.3% contraction in the economy by 2020 at its worst. At best the fall in GDP would be 8.7%.
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Although the figure is still negative it is better than the previous forecast which was 12.8%.
In its quarterly report, the central bank notes that by 2021 there would already be a growth scenario of between 0.6 and 5.3%; while by 2022 it estimates growth of between 2.6 and 3.8%.
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