translated from Spanish: Anaya criticizes pandemic management and calls Gatell «lambiscon» (Video)

Mexico. Ricardo Anaya called undersecretary of health Hugo López-Gatell «lambiscon» and criticized the management of the Covid-19 pandemic in the AMLO administration.
It notes that Mexico, compared to other countries, did not take the issue of the coronavirus pandemic seriously and caused economic damage.
The panista gave data from other countries on pandemic control as in Korea, where only 500 deaths have been recorded compared to 100 thousand in Mexico.
«The difference is that from the beginning they took the pandemic very seriously. They made it mandatory to use the water cover, tested massively, tracked contagions, forced those from other countries to quarantine, did everything this government did not,» Anaya reports.
«It’s true that the pandemic is not the government’s fault, but it did ask small and big businessmen to close their businesses, you did your part, but the government didn’t do what it was to it.»
He also mentioned that in Peru they gave 4,000 pesos a month to all employees who had to stay home and who in Chile gave 80,000 pesos to small businesses or even loans «who won’t have to pay if the money was used to pay their employees.»
In contrast, he said, in Mexico «for fools if there is money» such as the construction of the Dos Bocas refinery in Tabasco.

Taiwan has 25 million inhabitants and only 7 people have died from COVID. In New Zealand only 25. Both economies are open and children go to school.
The difference is that, from the beginning, they took the pandemic very seriously. In Mexico, driving has been criminal.
— RicardoAnayaC (@RicardoAnayaC) November 30, 2020

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