translated from Spanish: Certifies Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona after election

Tucson.- Arizona has confirmed Joe Biden’s victory on Monday in the presidential election on November 03, and becomes the one to win in Arizona since 1952, further expanding his lead over outgoing President Donald Trump with a view to voting at Arizona’s Electoral.La College, Democrat Katie Hobbs , reported on the certification of Biden’s victory, as well as the victory of also Democrat Mark Kelly in his election contest with Republican Senator Martha McSally, so Kelly will be able to take office as a senator next Wednesday, according to the US press. 
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Hobbs also said at the virtual certification ceremony that despite “unfounded complaints,” about the validity of the election result, a “historic” election was held in the state, making clear reference to the lawsuits filed by current President Donald Trump alleging fraud in the election.

The civil service official noted that even as coronavirus contagions continue to increase, Arizona saw an 8% increase in voter turnout compared to the 2016 presidential election.The state accounted for 3.4 million ballots in the past election, representing an 80% share of registered voters, so the governor of Arizona , the Republican, Doug Ducey, assured that the arizona election was good.
In Arizona we hold a good election, our electoral system is strong, said Arizona Governor Doug Ducey during the same ceremony.

Presidential election in Arizona. Photo: EFE

It should be noted that certification of election results is the final step in officially granting Biden the state’s 11 electoral votes, which are essential to ensuring the final triumph. This is the first time since 1996 that a democratic presidential candidate has won the state since President Bill Clinton won re-election and the second since 1952, EFE News agency reported. Election certification also includes Democrat Mark Kelly’s victory over Republican Sen. Martha McSally for a position in the federal upper house and the passage of a new state law that legalizes the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. During the ceremony, Arizona Supreme Court Justice Robert Brutinel and the state’s attorney for justice, Mark Brnovich.Arizona, were also present, it is traditionally a Republican state, but this time it changed in a fact that many activists claim was largely due to the Latino vote. Previously, some national media outlets gave Biden victory in Arizona, however, others were more cautious and waited several days until more votes were counted, due to the strife.

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