translated from Spanish: Cinthia Fernandez responded to Migue Granados for offensive tweets

The fashion of cancellation is bringing a wave of apology requests for highly offensive material that some people posted on the early Twitter social network. Some time ago it happened to Martín Cirio “La Faraona”, who was charged with incitement to the crime of pedophilia, and for whom he went out to apologize.

Now, after the conflict with the Argentine Rugby team, Los Pumas, his captain, Pablo Matera along with Guido Petti and Santiago Soccino, were suspended, following the viralization of xenophobic and racist poles. But apparently, no one is saved on the social network, and now many celebrities and influencers are seen in the spotlight by offensive and inappropriate postings made years ago. Migue Granados, is one of those pointed out by various sayings with a highly discriminatory tone and by an insanity with the figure of Cinthia Fernández, who apparently by his sayings, used it as a hose to point out everything he did not like or dislike, and even wish him “to be stepped on by a truck”, among other reactions of hatred expressed. 

Quickly, the vedette and dancer came out to confront Granados and ask him, at least a few apologies, for the offenses. 
Beyond whether the poles are from 2 hours or 10 years ago, it is not humor, nor was it never funny, nor justifiable to say things such as: “What a blur when you dream that Cinthia Fernández stepped on a truck with docking and you wake up and everything was a dream”, or “More heat than Wanda Taddei in the trunk of the car of Cabezas”. 
Surely everything will be resolved with a request for apology, claiming that they were smaller, that they were other times or that it is a kind of “special” humor, black that used to be used. Or at best, some will be silent on the nets for a while. But as Freud would say, jokes are a pure manifestation of the unconscious, a way to let out what we have inside in a clearer way. 

Original source in Spanish

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