translated from Spanish: Claribel Medina’s daughter’s crying because she doesn’t want to work delivery anymore

Claribel Medina and her daughter Agostina were on the verge of the elimination of the 2020 Singing, and it was at that time that the young woman broke down in tears during the cut.” Laurita (Fernández) sends the cut and Agostina broke to the touch. The cut was almost 11 minutes and she kept crying for a moment,” said Martin Salwe in the Singing Preview. Finally, lucas Spadafora and Judith Cabral left the contest by vote of the public.
Why did this happen to him? As Salwe explained, “all the weather that was generated led her to say that she wanted to continue in the Singing because she never wants to work delivery again.” In addition, he detailed different situations that Agostina lived and that is why he lived the moment with such anguish. “In the note she recounted that in addition to the accident (which she had last week) she was robbed several times, that she was ripped off with fake bills, and that this is her chance to put that aside,” Salwe said.” Not that I don’t want to do it anymore, but I want to live off the art and I feel like if I lose I’m going to have to keep delivering (…) and that distresses me,” Agostina said, after learning that she won the phone duel with 52% of the vote.

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