translated from Spanish: Despite COVID’s rise, they wedding to hundreds of guests in Malinalco

In the last two weeks, in the State of Mexico, COVID cases have increased by 12.6%, and it is still at orange traffic lights because it has 42% occupancy of fan beds and 51% occupancy in general beds. The entity’s hospitals have already re-reported saturation.
Bars, casinos, nightclubs, as well as places for social events are still closed in the state, as the State of Mexico is at high-risk orange traffic lights, as it has so far accumulated 11,914 deaths and 106,775 positive cases. 
However, last weekend, in the town of Malinalco was the wedding of the daughter of Pablo González Guajardo, CEO of Kimberly Clark Mexico and brother of Claudio X. González, founder of the organization Yes for Mexico.
According to the newspaper La Jornada, the festival was attended by more than 300 guests in an old house called La Quinta, located in the center of that municipality.
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In Malinalco, the state government reports that there are 54 positive cases and there have been 7 deaths. 

Report #Covid_19mx in the #Edoméx.
— Alfredo Del Mazo (@alfredodelmazo) December 1, 2020

Neighbors of the place complained through local groups on social networks of the inconvenience caused by the party. One of them claimed to municipal president Roberto Cabañas that the party did not let the neighbors of Santa Maria sleep but that the authorities did not appear to stop the party. 
Another inhabitant of Santa Maria, where the house is located, commented that there was a deployment of and vans parked everywhere and added what expensive whims. How many dead will get out of there?”
According to the newspaper, there was even a private ambulance and the family asked attendees to use mouth covers, but with the passage of the party they forgot this measure, just like the healthy distance.
Claudio X. González has criticized the government’s handling of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of the pandemic. He even called his government the “worst Mexico ever held” on Monday.
He is the founder of the organization Sí por México, which seeks to call the vote in 2021 against Morena, the president’s party. 

Lopezes cared more about power and popularity than health, and now lack of health is going to detract from them. Mexicans know that in the management of the pandemic there has been pride, incompetence, misinformation and lack of empathy, and many will vote against Morena in ’21.
— Claudio X. González G. (@ClaudioXGG) August 12, 2020

A couple of days before the party, at the Edomex Congress, deputies approved a point of agreement to ask the local Health Secretariat to issue sanctions to those who organize meetings of more than 30 people.
The governor, Alfredo del Mazo said on November 20th that: “It is very important that as far as possible we avoid social and family gatherings, just as we take care of ourselves away from home, we must also take care of ourselves inside the house.”
With information from La Jornada.
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