translated from Spanish: Extesorero de Sergio Jadue at ANFP wins the primary of officialism in Tarapacá

«I’m calm. My name doesn’t come out anywhere and it holds up what I’ve been saying some time ago: Jadue and Jaque were the ones signing the checks. I only took that responsibility since November 2015, when Jadue had already left.» This was said by Jorge Fistonic (41) in May 2016 to La Tercera, when a first audit detected financial irregularities during Sergio Jadue’s management at the helm of the ANFP. Indeed, the name Fistonic, a commercial engineer, also did not appear in the events involving the Caleran in the FIFA bribery scandal, discovered by U.S. justice and which has Jadue living in Miami awaiting a conviction. But «he ended up smearing us all,» Fistonic confessed, after Jadue recognized himself guilty.
This situation did not prevent the militant UDI and vice president of Deportes Iquique to represent his party in the primary to elect tarapacá’s candidate for regional governor, imposing himself on the candidates of RN, Asparatago Ferrari, and Evópoli, Felipe Rojas, with 38.6% of the vote.
The UDI candidate will face Marco Antonio Pérez, an independent PRO PPD who won in the primary in his sector with 2,094 votes, before the DC candidate and the PS candidate.
In 2004, Fistonic was elected councillor by Alto Hospicio. In 2005, he joined Tierra de Campeones S.A., the company that manages Deportes Iquique. However, in order to run for governor, he claims he sold all of the club’s shares.
«First he tried the idea of being mayor, but after considering the two scenarios, I decided to be governor. It is that, after analyzing what the law established, I felt that the mayor has a radius of action reduced only to the commune, while as governor more relevant things can be projected at the region level,» he said about his candidacy.

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