translated from Spanish: Ezequiel Campa predicted Los Pumas with his parodies

Ezequiel Campa is a standapero, influencer, comedian who long ago created a character named Dicky Del Solar, who is a Rugby player, who speaks to society from his native Nordelta. The parody that the comendiant makes, could be left alone in that, some videos to laugh at, but we knew that deep down, they are not as far from reality, as we would assume.
In his character Dicky, who defines the same as rugbier, Christian, rich, superior and violent, usually makes jokes with the lower-class “the blacks” and the “maids”. Like the three suspended athletes of the Argentine national team, only one of them, he is a fictional character. 
Campa’s last video, with his character, concerned the nonexistent tribute to Maradona, which uncovered the wave of nefarious tweets from the players. Faced with this situation the comedian said, “Hello people as they walk, I wanted to tell you that we are ending the video that Los Pumas had not paid homage to Maradona, and that’s when all this tweeting, the captain of Los Pumas and that I know… So that theme, it’s not going to be in that video.” explained Campa
And he felt, “By this what I mean is that they beat me, rugby beats me, they go faster than I can write, edit, film and upload a video.” And he ended up in his ironic tone that he has accustomed us to with: “I hope they don’t kill anyone these days, because I don’t hit enough guys.” Here’s the last video he made where Dicky benched the team and explains why they didn’t pay homage to Maradona. 

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