translated from Spanish: Install first educational-informational totem on breast cancer in CRS Cordillera Oriente

On Tuesday, the Cordillera Oriente Health Reference Center opened a first totem that will allow information to be provided to patients at the care center regarding breast cancer. It also shows the services
and workshops of the I Women’s Corporation that they can access, recommendations for care and prevention, and other relevant data that are critical to better addressing the disease.
The activity, promoted by the Yo Mujer Corporation and supported by Roche Chile, was born with the intention of being a point of contact between patients and the organization, through a tool that is located in strategic locations. “The idea arose to install these totems in breast pathology units so that those who are in the place have at hand a first instance of accompaniment,” said the psychooncologist and technical manager of the Yo Mujer Corporation, Daniela Rojas.
In addition to delivering options to patients, the idea is that along the way they find instances that serve as emotional support and a place of support while living the treatment in any of its phases “since each reacts in different times and in different ways,” Rojas added.
For his part, Roche Chile’s general manager, Antonio da Silva, highlighted this type of support for patients, but also the help that this means for the environment of those who live this pathology. “We want to form a future of collaboration in health care, so we try to drive actions that we are convinced of can improve the quality of life of patients, and allow us to step by step build a more sustainable and equitable health system based on needs and value for Chileans,” he said.
This is how this first totem, free and 100% self-care, is part of a pilot plan that aims to be scalable to other health centers throughout the country, providing relevant information regarding this pathology that is the leading cause of death in women at the national level.

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