translated from Spanish: Karol Sevilla shows off his shoe collection

The actress who gives life to Luna Valente in «Soy Luna», Karol Sevilla, is one of the youth stars of the moment, thanks to her great talent, charisma, beauty and the acceptance of the public.  In addition, she is an example to follow in terms of fashion.As many Karonists have already noticed, the actress has style to wear, but also harbors a great love for shoes. This affection has led her to have a collection only comparable to that owned by Kylie Jenner or any of her sisters.
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Among the universe of shoe styles that exists today, Karol Sevilla leans towards the Stilettos, these are stilettos with about 10 centimeters in height. Your pool collection pairs all the colors and swords you may need to complement your look.

Through his social networks he has been seen to model beautiful shoes that always go according to the situation. But in 2019, Seville released a video showing the predicament when assembling a suitcase. In that publication he showed shelves full of his favorite sneakers, in addition to the boots that fascinated him so much, but he has not had time to wear.
«I don’t know if I ever showed them my collection of stilettos that I have, but I’m a big fan but very fan of stilettos. Right now I’m seeing what stilettos I’m going to take, and then I kind of want to take them all,» she said.

«They call me the heel sick,» added the actress, who to this day must have new acquisitions and therefore a larger collection than she showed a year ago.

Original source in Spanish

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