translated from Spanish: Lopéz Obrador is failed, Mexico got very big: Marko Cortés

Mexico City.- Two years after management, The government of López Obrador is absolutely failed, said the President of National Action, Marko Cortés Mendoza, after noting that Mexico was very large for the Tabasqueño and Morena.
“Mexico was very big for López Obrador and Morena. And that’s why we say today that López Obrador’s government has been a failure, we go from being wrong with Enrique Peña Nieto and today we are worse, worse in economics, worse in security, worse in development, worse in combating corruption. It was a failed government,” he said.
At a press conference, accompanied by the parliamentary coordinators in Deputies, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks and in the Senate, Mauricio Kuri, he stressed that for this reason Mexico is urged by a new opposition majority to allow us to re-translate public policies.
Cortés Mendoza noted that the country is mired in economic depression, formal unemployment is growing, informality increases and workers’ wages are becoming precarious, increasing the poverty of millions of Mexicans.
“Like never before in the last 14 years people, even if they work, are not even enough to eat. This year labour poverty increased by 6 percentage points, in absolute numbers, to 34 million workers not enough to compare the food basket,” he said.
In health, he said that Mexico’s situation is very worrying, as the World Health Organization (WHO) has pointed out, which is consistent with the criminal complaint filed by National Action against the Federal Government over the mis management of the pandemic, because many deaths could have been prevented.
“Experts believe that the number of deaths is at least twice what the government recognizes. Experts agree that we will probably be closing the year with 290,000 real COVID deaths. This criminal policy has been paid more by the poor with their lives, 70 percent of the past are from people living in the informal economy,” he said.
All this, he added, as long as the government wasted resources on works that will not serve and denies support to small businessmen and Universal Basic Income for 20 million Mexicans.
The national head of the PAN stated that there has also been a resounding and shameful security failure during this government. “To date there are more than 53 thousand intentional homicides, while femicides grew 15 percent compared to previous years and sexual harassment grew 45 percent. It is clear that his strategy failed completely.”
As for the fight against corruption, Cortés Mendoza assured that it has been a sham, because the Morenist government does not seek to punish those who commit it, but only to mediate opponents.
“Corruption suits them, they practice it every day for their own ends and they exonerate each other, they criticize it from others with the sole desire to win votes, but on corruption, the morenist government is a phony, they are cynical, they came out more corrupt than the PRI,” he stressed.
For all this, the leader said, López Obrador’s six-year-round is a lost six-year-round, because “the duck brand has been the brand of government, a duckling government can only deliver pathetic results.”
During these two years, “at no time has President López Obrador looked to the future. He is always anchored in the past, in the 70s, in two years it has been revealed in all crude years that he has no program, no principles, no doctrine. The only thing he unfortunately has is a sick, unhealthy obsession with having and maintaining power for power itself.”

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