translated from Spanish: Middle Class Bonus: SII reported that 43,364 people have returned the benefit for not meeting requirements

This day the Internal Revenue Service (SII) reported that only 43,464 have returned the Middle Class Bonus they obtained without meeting the requirements. It should be mentioned that this figure corresponds to 10% of the total, as 437,703 people must do the return process. Through the entity’s website, it reported that “the SII detected 437,703 dependent workers who, according to the information available in the Superintendency of Social Security and Pensions, TGR and BancoState, presented differences between the amount they self-clarified as taxable salary of July 2020 at the time of applying for the bond and that calculated from their mandatory planned contributions or what was actually received.” the SII established this procedure so that workers could re-pay the amounts, or hand over the background showing that they did meet the decrease of at least 30% in their taxable salary last July. The deadline for the submission of this information culminated yesterday – Monday 30 November – he added. It further reported that the deadline for refunding the amount without adjustments, fines or interest is until 31 December. He also reported that 35,220 people correctly handed over the record to prove compliance with the requirements to access the Middle Class Bonus.

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