translated from Spanish: President Piñera and the concept of ‘utensil’ used by Undersecretary Galli: “The word may not have been the luckiest”

President Sebastián Piñera spoke about the statements of undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, after weapons of thick caliber were found to the group that made threats to prosecutor Ximena Chong. Galli called the evidence ‘minor utensils’, with the exception of the UZI machine gun. Faced with this, the Representative believes that it was not the best word to define what happened.
“In the case of the threat to prosecutor Chong, we absolutely condemned him and complained immediately by the Arms Control Act, because those weapons that were found when the home was raided were not legitimate weapons, so they were breaking the law and we complained immediately,” Piñera said in Channel 13’s ‘A This Hour Is Improvised’ program.
He added that “the undersecretary may not have been the best, but what he said was that there was a UZI machine gun there and therefore we complained about the Arms Control Act immediately. Secondly, the word may not have been the luckiest, it was that the rest was of less importance than a Uzi machine gun. The truth is that any illegal weapon is a crime and we have to fight it and we are doing it as a government.”
The Representative also referred to the intention to complete the modernization of Carabineros. “The first agreement we reached after the agreement for children was to modernize Carabineros. A gigantic effort involving opposition senators, including Senator Harboe. We reached an agreement, merged the two committees, sent a bill to Congress that we have not been able to move forward, for reasons that I believe were wrong and ideological in nature.” 
Following this line, he emphasized that “no progress has been made on the security agenda, in the Carabinieri Modernization Act, or in the Arms Control Act, nor in creating a new intelligence system that is fundamental in a democracy, nor in the Anti-Terrorism Act, nor in the Anti-Narcotics Act. That is why I hope that in the 15 months we have left and I have asked the senators to make an effort to make a deep modernization of Carabineros that is urgently needed.”

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