translated from Spanish: Racing tied 1-1 with Flamengo and qualified in quarter-time penalties

After River’s rankings, Racing wanted to be the second Argentine team to get in the top eight on the continent, but the picture was the reverse of Gallardo’s. The Academy traveled to Brazil with a 1-1 draw that gave Flamengo the initial advantage of staying for the standings. For this duel, Sebastián Beccacece had recovered some soldiers in the spare parts such as Dario Cvitanich and Augusto Solari, and the coach was inclined to repeat the team that played the first leg last Tuesday in the Cylinder of Avellaneda.On the other hand, Flamengo counted gabriel Barbosa’s sensitive downside due to a muscle ailment and was not incorporated into the player’s payroll. In this way, Rogerio Ceni was forced to modify the structure of the party and Vitinho was positioned as an attacking centre in Maracana.

Rojas steps on the ball to Bruno Henrique. Photo: Reuters

Thus, Racing went on the pitch with Gabriel Arias; Fabricio Dominguez, Leonardo Sigali, Nery Dominguez, Alexis Soto, Eugenio Mena; Matías Rojas, Leonel Miranda; Nicolás Reniero, Lisandro López and Héctor Fértoli.While Flamengo did the same with Diego Alves; Mauricio Isla, Rodrigo Caio, Gustavo Henrique, Filipe Luis; Willian Arao, Gerson; Everton Ribeiro, Giorgian De Arrascaeta, Bruno Henrique; Vitinho.

From the start, the place went out to impose conditions and achieved it with full control of the ball and the arrivals that it could or could realize, both at Vitinho’s feet. On the other side, Racing only achieved a weak finisher of Fértoli and withtoe much of the match in his field, with no chance of scoring the score that put him back in the next phase. In the second stage, Flamengo began with the same intentions and dominated, but on the other hand, the “Academy” began to find spaces. That’s how at 65 minutes he managed to get a foul in mid-court where Rodrigo Caio was sent off and on the same move Sigali set the 1 to 0 partial for the “Academy”.
However, despite the man’s difference over, Mengao dominated the entire match and attacked Racing everywhere, making Arias a figure. Despite the strength of the visit, at 92 Willian Arao appeared upside down and put the 1st to 1st leading the series to the tiebreaker from the penalties. On the stick-for-stick from 12 steps, Racing achieved 100% ERA with the finishes of López, Rojas, Sigali, Alcaraz and Fabricio Domínguez that closed the series. On the other side, Filipe Luis, Gerson and Pedro converted, while Arias, the big figure of the match, tied the punchline to Willian Arao, so that then the Uruguayan youth goals Racing to the quarter-finals, where he will face the winner of the duel between Boca and Inter.Definition by penalties: Flamengo 1 (4) – (5) 1 Racing

RC: Lisandro Lopez – Goal
FLA: Filipe Luis – Goal
RC: Matías Rojas – Goal
FLA: Gerson – Goal 
RC: Leonardo Sigali – Goal
FLA: Pedro – Goal
RC: Carlos Alcaraz – Goal
FLA: Willian Arao – Arias Shortcut
RC: Fabricio Dominguez – Goal

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