translated from Spanish: They reject morenist coalition with Green party in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- A group of morenistas, led by Maria Inés Perez Corral, have rejected their party’s coalition with the Green Environmental Party in the 2021 elections, and that Gerardo Vargas Landeros, an aspiring candidate for the Sinaloa government, continues to campaign internally with money that is unknown from its provenance. At a press conference, Morena militant, who self-dominated as the faithful believers and drivers of the Fourth Transformation, called on Morena’s national leader Mario Delgado and general secretary Citlali Hernandez to listen to militancy in the survey process to elect candidates from the 2021 election process. 
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They stated that, against the time, Gerardo Vargas Landeros is spending money wasteful to make his political campaign, so they called for the Financial Intelligence Unit to investigate the provenance of the spending. María Inés Corral said that, Vargas Landeros has been making misuse of the newspaper Regeneration Nacional to ensure that she is at the forefront of the polls. In addition, he criticized the green-green party as not representing the principles and goals of the Fourth Transformation, so they strongly reject this match being teamed up. “We refuse to go with PV because its political practice is distant from the true change of 4Q…. we disagree with what Vargas Laderos is doing, that excessive waste of money, we want the financial intelligence unit to investigate that situation,” he said. The militants gathered signatures to support the call they make to the national leadership.

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