translated from Spanish: BancoEstado launches “QR Buy” which will give 8 million people the option to pay with their phone and advertise Products Here

Santiago, November 27, 2020.- BancoEstado launched its new service “Compraquí QR”, which will allow a potential of 8 million people who use the BancoEstado App to easily pay with their phone and that micro and small entrepreneurs can receive the money from their sales quickly and safely, based on a QR code. In addition, in pandemic this makes it easier not to touch money and reduce the use of cash.Compraquí is part of Products Here, a concept that was launched on the occasion and that brings together a series of innovative products and services for different segments and with different functionalities. The activity was attended by the president of BancoEstado, Sebastián Sichel, together with the mayor of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, and the chairman of the Management Committee of the Franklin Slaughter market, Olimpia Nadales, where the pilot of “Compraquí QR” has been being carried out. Sebastián Sichel explained that this is the first initiative of a complete project that encompasses new services and products “Here” of BancoEstado, which seek to deliver a proposal of integral value to the bank’s means of payment. In this sense he stated that “the future came to stay, but it has to be for everyone. BancoEstado democratizes banks, plays a different role because it is an innovative public company and we will not give up the possibility of making all 20 Chileans have access to a bank with a quality service””We want good businesses to be synonymous with a fairer society, because it allows warehouseers and small traders to have income as quickly as possible and that people who have AccountRUT can use it where want to,” he complemented. BancoEstado seeks to make it easier for its customers to pay cashless payments and boost business growth, linking trade with people. “QR Purchase” benefits all merchants and entrepreneurs who are clients of BancoEstado, since they will be able to raise the money of their products or services in an easy way, without contact and with immediate payment. The payment and collection of the service is through debit accounts BancoEstado: AccountRUT, Current Account or Vista Account.The mayor of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, thanked the choice of the Franklin Slaughterhouse for the launch and emphasized that “with this new form of payment, we are giving the locals and customers, a secure form of payment, without contact of any kind, which in times of pandemic is appreciated , and we are also modernizing the business at a traditional point in the commune like the Slaughterhouse.” QR Buyer” is simple to hire, as the process is done online through the BE App, and it is easy to charge because you only have to scan the QR code. In addition, it allows the trade to separate the finances of its business from that of its personal life, since there is a section in the app of the trade that records all the movements of “QR Buy”. In the case of commerce, “QR Purchase” can be accessed by all natural persons who are customers of BancoEstado, or any monorol client legal entity of the bank. In the case of users, they must be BancoEstado clients and have active their App BancoState and BEPass.La chair of the Management Committee of the Franklin Slaughter market, Olimpia Nadales, said that e-commerce arrived to stay and that “90% of the people who come to the market have AccountRUT. We are happy with this launch and that they have chosen the Slaughterhouse.” It is important to note that the merchant instantly receives the sales payment on the selected debit account, and that, when the charge is made, it will immediately receive notification with the detail of the sale. Having “QR Purchase” will be free for business until March 31, 2021 and then 1.58% + VAT per transaction will be charged. Other products and services “Here”Mercadoaquí: 20 thousand entrepreneurs will be able to facilitate their sale for customers. By installing a QR code on their respective pages, they will be able to improve the service experience, increase visibility and have greater control over their sales and interactions with buyers. Grow here: space to boost entrepreneurs and grow their ideas. At these meeting points you will have support at all stages of your business, with tools to improve your management. In addition, they will find the data and trends to learn how to improve their sales and the management of their business. (One is already open in Santiago center and soon another will open in Providencia) MPOS Purchase: Soon a new solution to receive payments with any Visa or Mastercard card from any issuer.Buy Button: button for comelectronics, which allows their customers to make payment for their purchases. The e-commerce customer may make:Payments with their credit, debit and prepaid cards of any issuer Visa or Mastercard.Payments with the App BancoStated through “QR Purchase”.

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