translated from Spanish: In independent Sinaloa they already have registration guidelines

Sinaloa.- A few days after formally initiating the 2020-2021 election process in Sinaloa, in which mayoralties, deputies and the gubernatura are at stake, the Electoral Institute of the State of Sinaloa (IEES) approved the guidelines for the registration of independent applications in Sinaloa.In extraordinary virtual session, the IEES General Council were approved the guidelines, the single model of statutes, the formats and the call for the registration of independent applications for the next local electoral process.
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With regard to the guidelines governing independent candidacies, procedures were established for the granting of registration of citizens who aspire to contest in the electoral process, as well as the bodies, deadlines and how to seek citizen support, in addition to the presentation thereof to the electoral management authority.

Among other approvals, the procedure for verifying the percentage of support submitted, the right of hearing of applicants, and the criteria for counting such support were also finalized. Call
In this regard, Oscar Sánchez Félix, head of the Committee on Prerogatives and Political Parties at IEES, explained that this is an agreement to regulate nominations, in addition to the formats and the call. As for the call, he recalled that it could not be disseminated before the State Congress started the process with its convening, which would be broadcast once Congress called elections. The approved call is to the public interested in applying in independent candidacies to the government, meps by the relative majority system, municipal presidencies, procurement unions and republishing by the relative majority system and by the principle of proportional representation, which must be published the following day, in which the Congress of the State issues the call for elections. Such a call shall specify the popular election charge(s) to which it may be aspired, requirements to be met, required supporting documentation, deadlines for the delivery of the expression of intent, deadlines for obtaining the corresponding citizen support, expenditure caps that may be eeroged, formats that will be used for such purposes and simplified privacy notice. It should be noted that citizens who intend to obtain their record as applicants must do so on the knowledge of the Institute from the day after the election process is declared.

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