translated from Spanish: Luján: pointed a gun at a cyclist and gave him a butt

Crossings between vehicles on bicycles on the routes are usually ordinary currency, but nothing goes from some insults or reproaches for the speed or place they occupy, however in Carlos Keen a moment of tension was registered and where there was no tragedy of miracle, as reported by the locals. In a video recorded by a cell phone, you can see the moment when a group of cyclists had an argument with a man, who got out of his car and took a gun to scare off the athletes. In the images obtained by Luján’s Civics, it is seen when the aggressor gives him a butt and a fight breaks out.” We came the cycling squad that trains every day there because it’s the only enabled place we have to do it and it’s the safest thing to do. The road to Ruiz, being a rural road, is allowed to ride a bike route. In fact, we have a good relationship with the police, both Carlos Keen and Ruiz’s detachment,” said one of those present.

“This man who left his house, instead of braking and waiting 20 seconds, cared nothing. And he basically got into all of us rubbing some cyclists,” he said. Later, it was confirmed that the identity of the person and this is Jorge Cal Erbacci, who already has several allegations of assaults.” He stopped his car in the bank and started assaulting us. He went straight down to prepoly, hit a teammate and a dispute broke out. He was with his two children. He went to his car and grabbed a loaded gun, which then when the police arrived they checked the car and had two bullet-filled magazines, plus a box. He was very well armed,” he said. Miraculously, a tragedy didn’t happen. They tried to foresote it off and luckily he didn’t miss a shot. Miraculously, we’re not mourning anyone’s death. This can’t go unpunished, it’s crazy,” the man sentenced the local newspaper. The denunciation was reported in Carlos Keen’s detachment.

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