translated from Spanish: Perpetual for Etchecolatz for crimes committed in San Justo Brigade

This Wednesday, December 2nd, the Federal Oral Court 1 of La Plata sentenced the repressor Miguel Etchecolatz to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity committed in The San Justo Brigade during the last military civic dictatorship. The trial in question investigated illegitimate deprivation of liberty, aggravated by torture, murder and sexual abuse to the detriment of 84 victims who were held captive in the aforementioned underground detention centre. It’s the eighth life sentence he gets. Etchecolatz followed the verdict from the Campo de Mayo prison – where he is being held for other causes – and to hear the penalty he stood up, sporting a sign hanging around his neck that read “Lord Jesus, if I am convicted is for following your cause”, reindicating his crimes.

In the oral and public process of this case were imputed members of the Army, the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires and civilians who formed the Bonaerense government during the years of state terrorism.Among them were Rodolfo Enrique Godoy, responsible for Area 114; Roberto Armando Balmaceda, Jorge Héctor Di Pasquale, Ricardo Armando Fernández, Emilio Alberto Herrero Anzorena, Carlos del Señor Hidalgo Garzón and Carlos María Romero Pavón, who integrated the 101 Intelligence Detachment.
The Granny Association of Plaza de Mayo, who is complaining at this trial, recalled through a statement that, among the cases discussed in the debate, are the abductions of María Asunción Artigas, Monica Sofia Grinspon and Monica Maria Lemos, who remained detained pregnant in the Brigade of San Justo and were transferred to the Well of Banfield.There, Maria Asunción and Monica gave birth to their daughters , Victoria Moyano Artigas and María José Lavalle Lemos, restored in 1988 and 1987, respectively. The events surrounding Monica María Lemos’ daughters were also investigated: María Lavalle, after being kidnapped with her parents, remained in the San Justo Brigade until she was handed over to neighbors days later, and her sister, María José Lavalle Lemos, was handed over to that Brigade to whom she enrolled her as her own daughter, Teresa Isabel González.

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The abductions of Claudio Ernesto Logares and Gustavo Antonio Lavalle were also included. Both were kidnapped with their companions and daughters. The San Justo Investigations Brigade operated in Salta 2450, San Justo, in conjunction with the premises of the 1st Police Station in La Matanza.

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