translated from Spanish: The ultimatum of the opposition to La Moneda in crucial day for the seats booked in the Joint Commission

The agenda in Congress has not only been recharged in the Chamber of Deputies by the vote in particular of the draft second withdrawal of pension funds in the Working Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.
Another flank for the Government is in the vote of the Joint Committee convened to dispatch the draft seats reserved for indigenous peoples, where there is no consensus between the positions of officialism and the opposition.
In the face of the impasse of the initiative in Congress, the opposition took reins in the matter and the heads of committees met at lunchtime, telematics and face-to-face.
At the meeting, the parliamentarians agreed that the President of the Senate, Adriana Muñoz, should notify the Minister of the Segpres, Christian Monckeberg, of easing the position on the issue of reserved seats or otherwise block the projects of La Moneda from now on, as el Mostrador could confirm.
After the meeting, the Senate table and opposition benches issued a statement warning that “it seems to us that the lack of a comprehensive agreement in this area puts at risk that the New Constitution will have the legitimacy that would give it to consider the views of all sectors, particularly those who have suffered permanent marginalization in our history.”
For this reason, they formulated “an urgent and energetic call to the highest standards and the utmost generosity” to bring this reform forward.
The reserved seats project is in place, as the opposition demands 24 supranumerary seats while the right calls for 15 seats but within the 155 members of the Constitutional Convention, which means subtracting from the universe of conventionals.
It should be recalled that the Joint Committee is convened today until full office, in a session to which Social Development Minister Karla Rubilar was invited; Minister-General of the Presidency, Christian Monckeberg; and the chairman of the Board of Directors of Servel, Patricio Santamaría, among others.
In view of this debate, Senator Francisco Huenchumilla (DC) also made an urgent call to the Government and Chile Vamos. “I think it is necessary for everyone to size, that a Convention without the participation of the original peoples could lead to a serious situation, that it would detract from the credibility of this Convention, and that it could be questioned in its legitimacy (…) I think it would be a serious historical mistake if this possibility could fail,” the legislator said.

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