translated from Spanish: Victims’ Commission issues 12 resolutions per ABC Nursery case

The Executive Commission for Victim Care (CEAV) issued 12 damage repair resolutions to relatives of fire victims at ABC Nursery.
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Through a statement, CEAV reported that the rulings were issued “according to objective criteria that have been used in other cases of the same victimizing fact, establishing amounts that are above international standards”.
According to the unit, the resolutions issued make up the concepts, monetaryly assessed, of moral damage by direct victim (deceased or injured minor); moral damage by indirect victim (dad, mom, siblings, grandparents and uncles); loss of profit from the direct and indirect victim; expenses and costs; transport, accommodation and food costs; scholarships and, if proven, physical harm and property damage.
He also noted that “families who are part of this abc nursery victim group had already received prior resolutions, however they were armed by being unhappy with the amounts earned, as they had requested $3,375,000 pesos for each indirect victim and $10,000,000 per direct victim, in addition to the above concepts.”
On November 24, two former members of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) were linked to the process for their alleged responsibility for various crimes that led to the 2009 ABC Nursery fire in which 49 children died.
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The FGR filed a complaint of facts against Sergio “S” and Carla “R”, who then served as director of Economic and Social Benefits and national coordinator of Nursery, respectively.
The FGR determined to bring criminal proceedings against both “on the view that they were omissive in fulfilling their duties under the rules and guidelines governing the childcare service, and that if they had been attended, the ABC Nursery fire would probably have been prevented.”
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