translated from Spanish: Another descent into Intruders, who leaves the panel?

This 2020 the program Intrusos suffered some historical casualties, first it was the panelist Marcela Tauro, who at least a decade ago worked in the television cycle uninterrupted. Then it was the turn of Daniel Ambrosino, a member who was at the beginning of the program and for 20 years that happened to him. Another of the members that was fired this year was Guido Záffora, who left the production of LaFlia, to join Intruders in 2017. In turn the incorporation of Rodrigo Lussich brought to the format new segments and a duo with Adrián Pallares, which continues with its own program on Saturdays. And after the departure of Záffora, Paula Varela joined.  
But the new descent suffered by the program led by Jorge Rial, is that of Damián Rojo, who was at the table for 4 years and who from February 2021 will have to say goodbye to his colleagues and the public. 

In an interview for Primicias Ya, the journalist recounted: «I continue until February, but this is recent. Where and how I go next I have no idea. I’m going to Intratables often, but I don’t know how I’m going to go on, » and it went on. «My time in Intruders was very good, all positive. It was four and a half years of being on show number one show either in front of the cameras or behind the clock. I’m a panelist, producer, panelist and I can do everything. I like everything that has to do with this job. These are cycles that are also true,» he said

«The show this year was going to go another way for the 20-year-old celebration and ended up being a totally different one because of the pandemic. Now some pieces were accommodated and it was given like this. But the balance sheet is 100 percent positive,» the journalist concluded.

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