translated from Spanish: Debt: Argentina-IMF negotiations continue in Washington

Following the visit of the emissaries of the International Monetary Fund in early November, Argentina continues its path to reaching a new agreement on debt payment and the delegation will be present at the Washington offices, with the absence of the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán.In this prytunity, it was reported that the Secretary of Finance , Diego Bastourre, will be in charge of it, accompanied by the Undersecretary of Finance, Ramiro Tosi, and the Undersecretary of Financial Services, Mariano Sardi. The trip will begin on Thursday and they estimated it could be extended for a week.

Negotiations with the IMF will resume in the United States.

Official sources stressed that the initial plan is to “hold meetings on the agenda of enhancing and developing the capital market” and added that “technical exchanges with IMF on the financing program are planned”. On the other hand, it was emphasized that both Guzman and the team “continue with a fluid dialogue with investors after restructuring the debt and, during this trip, will seek to deepen that institutional dialogue”. The trip to the United States has several edges to develop and the national government aims to develop a three-axis strategy, linked to the current state and horizon in the capital market and the national financial inclusion strategy. The Argentine delegation’s departure is within days of the meeting held by Economy Minister Martín Guzmán with the EXECUTIVE Director of the United States to the IMF, Mark Rosen, on the same day alberto Fernandez spoke with Joe Biden for just over 30 minutes.

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