translated from Spanish: In MC all profiles are welcome: Giovani Marcelino

Morelia, Michoacán.- The general secretary of agreements of the Citizen Movement party in Michoacán, Giovani Marcelino Morales, assured that citizens are welcome in formulating the agenda that they will present as a proposal for government in the next elections.
In interview, Marcelino Morales said that the party’s philosophy at the national level and also at the local level is to have the agenda first and then the candidates and reiterated that in the next election they will participate alone for all public election positions.
Questioned about the possible profile that the party could represent for the government, he said that it is public knowledge that Antonio Ixtláhuac Orihuela, former mayor of Zitácuaro and former federal and local deputy is one of the closest are to obtaining the candidacy.
He rated him as a person with extensive experience in public administration and is committed to citizen causes, so he could be backed by the party for the most important post in the state of Michoacán.
On the incorporation of the block «Crisol Michoacano», led by Jesús Reyna García, general secretary of agreements of the Citizen Movement party in Michoacán, said that this will help generate greater strength to the party and reiterated that there is still nothing written about the decision they make for nominations.
In that regard, he said that it would be through an assembly that all the candidates of the Citizen Movement, whose scheduled date is for next year, will be made known.

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