translated from Spanish: Independent shields Alan Velasco with $23.5 million clause

Independiene found calm after the storm that broke out before June and now the ship straightened out of Lucas Pusineri’s hand. The coach, who was watched again on several occasions, has not lost 11 games and took the round of eighths with a 5-1 overall against Fenix.This Thursday morning, as long as the players enjoyed that triumph and prepares for the duel before Defense and Justice for the Diego Maradona Cup, the «Red» amassed a new news and in this case has to do with the armor of one of the new jewels from the quarry, which has already started to bear fruit.
Alan Velasco signed the extension of his contract and will be tied to Independiente until 2023. However, the novelty of the new link with the striker is that he was set a $23.5 million in prison clause in a stock in which they seek to stabilize the finances. With just a handful of matches, the 18-year-old already has a secured place in the starting team of Independiente, accompanying silvio Romero in the attack, and Lucas Pusineri relies on him for difficult tasks, taking over a team that starts to give him talk and gets excited about in the local cup and the Copa Sudamericana.

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